#Oatmilk is trending but is it right for you?

Wondering why all the craze around oatmilk? Oatmilk is the trendiest plant-based milk to hit the coffee shop scene thanks to Oatly – the preferred maker to local baristas. #oatmilkistrending

So what exactly is oatmilk? It's what happens when you soak steel cut oats or whole oats in water, blend the mixture, and then strain it. Sound easy? It is, try it at home (bonus: oats are way more affordable than nuts). Most people who have had it say that it is super creamy, adds a sweetness and offers a frothy layer to their latte's.

So how does oatmilk measure up to other milks? Check out the below grid to help you navigate which milk is best for you. They all have their advantages, so based on your individual needs you can make the right decision for you.


Need help deciding? Here is a good road map to help you decide:

Milk chart.png

Bottom line: There are many plant-based milk options out there. Nutritionally speaking, they all have their pros and cons so I would mix it up. Some taste better in latte's while others taste better in cereal. Whichever milk you choose, pay close attention to the ingredient panel.

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Kate McGowan, RDN